Jery Resource

Weekly Report 2

The mine you own, the well you dig in front of your door, the unique technology you invent, or even a great story you tell, these are resources.

Mine? How? See who we can sell it to? Technology, do you sell it to others, or do you make it yourself? The story? To whom? How much? This is the realisation of resources.

But if you say, I know 3,000 friends who have mines in their homes, how do I take their mines and monetize them? Obviously impractical.

So, what resources do you have?

Customer resources, supply chain, channel resources, superior products, reputation, you name it.

For example, you have a large customer base, thousands of customers. Every customer in your home after consumption, have added what’s app, pull them to your private domain, this is also a resource.

Find the resource that really belongs to oneself, this is root. Make your own resources thick, this is soil. Find a way to make good use of it. It’s a leaf. And that’s the result.

May you water it carefully.

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