Our Vision:

*Wish Ghana quarry material and natural resource give benefits to all matching customers worldwide.

*Cooperation is built upon mutual trust which time will show.

*We dedicate our investment in Ghana for future 30 years.

Our Founder

CEO: Simon zheng

Simon was graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, his overseas study experiences in USA , Canada, and UK made him a wide view in investment and future trends forecasting.

He has desire for success. He is the master in technical and aviation line.

He is operating an aviation technology equipment company at the same time.

He is the Technical Director and Purchasing Director of the company, purchasing equipment and deliver to Ghana.

He is the main leader, and remotely guides the General Manager Mr Ye in Ghana factory.

GM of Jery resource:

Ms. Rita Yan

I admit it. I am in love with the challenge. Mr. Yan has crossed over many different lines including digital elements factory running, real estate business , oil, and gas industry to stone quarry owner and stone factory running. Every step of Yan has been in the rhythm of the times.

Now we focus our energy on this stone line of Ghana and will make it great happen in the next 30 years.

GM of Ghana Haozhentu:

Mr. Ye Wei

After inspecting various countries in Africa, Mr. Ye discovered Ghana is a best place to start his oil and gas business because of its relatively stable political environment, safe security and local high average education level, its English speaking atmosphere and the good policy of the government. Now Mr. Ye wei has deep root relationship with Ghana government for over 12 years. He is one of the shareholder of Jery Resource and the boss of Haozhentu . He started the quarry mining in 2017 in Ghana and now takes in charge of the factory management in Ghana and familiar with dealing with African workers, their culture, their habit of communication. He is very kind to treat all Chinese workers and Ghana workers, organizes entertainment activities, builds up good dormitory and make everyone at home. Now he is expanding the workshop from one to six , and aims to reach 500 containers output per month capacity with the next 3 years. Africa is a wonderland. Excellent people come here and unite together under the leadership of Mr. Ye. We will gain the final success and become the new magic production base for Europe and USA market.

GM of Purchasing team:

Mr. Andy Huang

He is professional in all European projects and paving projects production and quality control, and will fly to Ghana in May, 2022.

He is the top supervisor in Ghana factory. His join bring energy and efficiency to the teamwork. Andy Huang is in stone business for over 20 years and he is experienced in cobbles, kerbs, palisades, all pineapple and bushhammered, natural split surface.