Everything that is conducive to improving the efficiency of creating wealth is an irreversible trend.

Our ghanaian factory also has to deal with external changes and surprises.

Jerry Resources has a strong resource backed plan.

Be sure to know our 5-year plan when working with us. Set up factories in South Africa, develop black mines in South Africa, and do more high-end interior engineering. Develop black stone and yellow stone.

COVID-19 is an accident. All black swans are accidents.

Unexpectedly accelerated Jerry Resources’ plans for the future. .

What kind of changes are you going to look for opportunities in? Do you make money by volatility, cycle or trend?

You see, if you want to get a chance, you have to look in the change, because opportunities are in the change.

Our opportunity lies in change

The epidemic has led to a surge in shipping costs for China’s exports to Europe and the United States, imbalance in supply and demand of cabinets, and no advantage in the price of stone materials with low added value. We’ll walk out.