What is Jery Resource advantage?

1/The shipping rate from Tema Ghana to USA and Europe is very cheap, and shipping time is half shorter.

2/ No tarrif .

3/No quarry excavation limit. Very stable quarry supply materials for at least 30 years permit.

4/Chinese management run Ghana factory and local Ghana labor costs very low.

5/Most advanced machinery bought from China

6/more stable political environment comparing to other African countries.

How about the shipping costs to USA and Europe main ports?

To USA, around $4000 in 2022.

To Hamburg, around $750 in 2022.

Are u the quarry owner?

Yes, we own 4 quarries excavation permit since 2017 including Tema Grey, Universe sparkling, Ghana Juparana and Sesame black.

What is your factory capacity?

Our vision is to be the most reliable supplier for Europe and USA customers, and unite the supply chain of both China and Africa.

How often the liner to Tema?

To USA, around $4000 in 2022.

Every week 1-2 direct liner to Hamburg and Miami, New York Main ports.

Bulk cargo ships to Hamburg only 7 days to arrive.

What is your factory capacity?

For cubes, and kerbs, we can produce 300 containers per month. For half slabs and tiles, 100 containers per month.