Factory Strength

1.Our Ghana G603 export to France and USA Miami are mostly sawn cut cubes and polished slabs.For Europe, mostly are flamed and bushhammered kerbs and cubes natural split. 

2.Our production capacity is 300 containers per month.In 2023 per month 500 containers.

3.Ghana material similar with Chinese G688, G603, and G654, Juparana and shanxi black, can be favorable alternatives for Indian, Vietnam or Chinese materials.

4.abundant handmade workers in Ghana.

5.Professional factory manger leader who is experienced in handling handmade Euopean orders like pineappled, bushhammered, natural spilt surface to guide the local workers and instruct quality control.

6.Jery resource has strong and rich family business support and wide range investment in oil, gas and real estate development in both China and Africa.

7.nice living condition ion Ghana. We have dormitorty with cool air conditioner in each room for workers. No child labor. Necessary protection for Ghana workers.

8.In China we have a big processing factory in Shuitou Xiamen , which can produce gangsaw slabs and special shape waterjet medallion. In Dalian and Yantai, we have factory there near to G341 quarry to produce handmade cobbles, kerbs, palisades, blocksteps and tiles.

Factory Video

Packing & Loading