Development History


In 2012 start China-Ghana joint venture company in gas and oil business

Ghana Factory

In 2014 set up ceramic factory in Ghana to satisfy local market demands

Jan 2018
Universe Sparkling

In Jan. 2018 get permit for Universe Sparkling quarry excavation license

May 2018
Tema Grey

In May 2018 get permit for Tema Grey quarry excavation license

Oct. 2018
Ghana Juparana

In Oct. 2018 get permit for Ghana Juparana excavation license

Apr. 2019
Domestic Project

In Apr. 2019 deliver Universe Sparkling blocks to Shuitou and cut to size for domestic projects use

Jan. 2020
Xishi Slab Wholesale Hall

In Jan. 2020 establish a sales office in Xishi Slab Wholesale Hall in Shuitou

May 2020
Dongsheng Slab Mall

In May 2020 establish a sales office in Dongsheng Slab Mall Phase II in Shuitou

Oct. 2020
Haixi Slab Mall

In Oct. 2020 establish a sales office in Haixi Slab Mall in Shuitou

Feb. 2021
Ghana 1st workshop

In Feb. 2021 set up 1st workshop of our stone factory in Ghana

In Feb. 2021 purchase machinery facility to Ghana for Europe & USA market export demands

During Mar. to Nov. 2021
Bring workers to Ghana

During Mar. to Nov. 2021 bring 35 workers to Ghana in partial arrangement, applying visa and flight tickets handling

Sep. 2021
Jery (Xia Men) Resource

In Sep. 2021 set up Jery (Xia Men) Resource Import and Export Co., LTD – China head office

March 2022
German clients

In March, 2022 our German clients fly to Ghana for deep discussion in paving projects and wholesale business.

We invite Mr. Andy Huang as our purchasing director in China to organize special shape cutting in China factory and technical guidance in Ghana.

April 2022
USA orders

In April, 2022 we bring 3 more countertop workers from Shuitou to Ghana for our USA orders.

April 2022
New white quartzite quarry

In April 2022 we mined a new white quartzite quarry in Ghana and send to university for test. Our CEO Simon Zheng fly to Ghana to operate all.

June 2022
Second and third workshop established

In June 2022 the second and third workshop in Ghana has been established.

July 2022
100 containers per month

In July 2022 production capacity: 100 containers per month.

August 2022
Second factory set up

In August 2022, the second factory set up nearby Tema grey quarry.

September 2022
New quarry sesame black excavated

In September 2022, new quarry sesame black excavated.

October 2022
Forth and fifth workshop

In October 2022, the forth and fifth workshop has been set up. Capacity reach 150 containers per month.

December 2022
White quartzite powder

In December 2022, we sell white quartzite powder to south-east Asia ,China, and Europe.

January 2023
Quartzite factory set up

In January 2023 our quartzite factory set up in Ghana and China.