Time Capsule

In 2017, to mark the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, several cities in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova opened time capsules buried by the people of the former Soviet Union in 1967 to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

One time capsule from Ukraine says:

“You are the lucky generation: war is history.  You never have to shout: Shame on the Israeli aggressors!  You never had to protest war crimes in Vietnam or be outraged by news from revolutionary Cuba.  How far away these things are from you!  Young people of 2017, we believe you have proved yourself worthy of the heroic expectations of your predecessors and have created a new world!”

Inside a time capsule dug up in tiraspol, now Moldova’s second largest city, were the words:

“Dear descendants of comrades, the workers of the 20th century are writing to you.  Tell your children and grandchildren how hard we fought for your eternal life.  We live in a heroic age, when great discoveries are being made, when the planet is trembling with revolution and tormented by war.  You have probably eliminated harmful bacteria and viruses, aging and disease?  It is our efforts that have helped you. We have discovered the secret of cancer, overcome the rejection of tissues…”  .

It is a pity that the wishes of comrades did not come as expected.

In 2022,what we will write in our time capsule.

Urban Dictionary explains the time capsule: A person drains a large amount of diarrhea into a thermos and seals it, then inserts it into the rectum for later opening.  It is clear that COVID-19 has triggered a collective spiritual diarrhoea of the 21st century.

New York radio station WNYC collected listeners’ COVID-19 stories and hid the recordings in time capsules atop the Empire State Building, while a couple donated their “safe distance wedding” invitations to the Time capsule in Loudoun County, Tennessee.

Ireland created a time capsule for its census registration in April, allowing anyone to leave a voluntary message. The census form will be sealed until 2122, and one man shared his list of anxieties online.

“– COVID-19, housing crisis, climate change, war in Ukraine, inflation

‘We didn’t start the fire.'”

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