Time Capsule

In 2017, to mark the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, several cities in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova opened time capsules buried by the people of the former Soviet Union in 1967 to celebrate the 50th anniversary. One time capsule from Ukraine says: “You are the lucky generation: war is history.  You never have to […]

Some Costs In Ghana

We try to send some experienced Chinese stone workers to Ghana ,but due to Chinese government strict covid control policy, they stop releasing new passport to anyone except the reason of studying abroad or visiting parents . They delay agreeing visa of working reason. Then we need to find special relationship with some officials to […]

Opportunities Are In The Change

Everything that is conducive to improving the efficiency of creating wealth is an irreversible trend. Our ghanaian factory also has to deal with external changes and surprises. Jerry Resources has a strong resource backed plan. Be sure to know our 5-year plan when working with us. Set up factories in South Africa, develop black mines […]

Weekly Report 2

The mine you own, the well you dig in front of your door, the unique technology you invent, or even a great story you tell, these are resources. Mine? How? See who we can sell it to? Technology, do you sell it to others, or do you make it yourself? The story? To whom? How […]

Shipping Information

Shipping costs: From Tema to Hamburg: $750   15 days From Tema to Miami: $2000     40 days From Tema to Marseillie: $705    14 days From Tema to Dublin: $834      18 days From Tema to Hamburg: $750    15 days From Tema to Antwerp: $650   12 days Shipper to choose: Hapad, CMA, K&N, Maresk, APL Every week two […]